December Magic..

December Magic

As the magic returns into the flow of my veins…I merge with stars to create your constellations…and I melt into a snowflake to disappear into the glow of Winter…You come to me as Spring, a vivid dream with tree branches of Summer, I find my path to you…I steal a boat to cross your river in the Fall. All seasons ignite to be my fire, to form the beauty within…

And then…perhaps…I sink into Eternity.

Blue Abyss

 Why open the door to what is lost? It flooded my Kingdom with whispers for you and the inevitable dream of belonging. To you. Once I stared in those eyes, I knew I would drown. The agony of crying for this one piece of land where I can rest my thoughts and vanish into worlds of nymphs and elfs….Could not find it. Could not rest so I floated in the mezmerizing waters of anguish and pain…It was you who awakened the storm and you who summoned all winds. The chaos of dreaming for the one true soul I can share an universe with…It is at the end of the river where I can undress myself and unleash my wild tresses to the bottom of the cliff…Shall I fall? Keep dreaming? Keep longing? Reaching to you as you climb to my nest? Should I believe in this blue abyss?


Rebirth. I am You and You are Me.

We flow through, carry through, dream through an universe of shared silence. The veins of my heart blend into yours thus forming a magical blood union, no one will ever know, be able to tell where the distant cry of my cells comes from. It is yours now. My skin is tight around the edges, it covers you perfectly. My lips no longer speak for themselves, devoured by yours…while they dance in a rhythm of love, then passion, then hatred…The wonders of feelings …Aren’t they the predators of our souls? We learned how to ignite them, hold them as captives, completely emerge out of their red and blue hues…Love and Hatred, it is a complete surrender. Your eyes are mine, and mine are yours.  We see through each other as rays of light pierce our bodies. I have called your name so many times in the desert…you have poured water from the skies to quench my thirst. Yes, you knew me even before eternity was born. Yes, I longed for you and exhausted myself with dreams of eternity. You created it. I dived in it. We embraced.

I am You and You are Me. We are strangers to silence. I breathe, you exhale, we hear the throbbing sounds of our heart. Surrender.


Why the dream? How long before…
I touch the silky lines of what you offer?
I am lost in you. How dare not know it?
I scream at the skies above me,
Turn my head to the mountain peaks,
My glass of patience seems to burst,
Suddenly find myself in a land of
Nowhere-pointed dull knives.
Seagulls pull my hair.
It is at a shore of naked waves I sit.
Waiting for you….but you never appear.
You summon the winds instead.
Nowhere to hide.
My clothes are ripped off, taken
Piece by piece, and slowly eaten away
By the hungry birds of your silence.
The cold razor of pain while I dream.
The pain of not feeling and the
Fingertips of nothingness on the heart.
The imprint of ever longing
But never receiving…
Dreaming but never believing,
Loving but doubting Love itself,
Hoping but choking Hope with ropes
Woven by the Queen of lustful Despair.
Why the dream?

The Encounter (Part II)

One of them? She smiled. Everyone joked about her daring statements, that, yes- she would become a pirate one day and sail away on a red-painted ship with flags from foreign countries, and signs embedded everywhere, all in mystic languages that have vanished from this earth. She would eventually marry the One, the Captain himself and they would venture through high seas lost in their love for the unknown.
Well, she thought, that was years and years ago…And now…Who was the stranger in her bed? She looked around, confused, unbelieving and there it was, a quite stunning “discovery”. It was not a dream. It was not simply an image from the past. She was in her room, her childhood room, teddy bears on the wall shelves seeming to smile at her, dolls gathered in a circle on the floor…They were all still there, just as she had left them the last time she visited her parents. Ten years ago…Before the fatal car accident and before she lost everything she ever loved.
And then she noticed the hospital bracelet on her hand. It had her name on it, a patient’s number and yesterday’s date-June 25 and time of 10:32 a.m. with a handwritten note “admit”.
“You are awake!” His voice pierced the darkness in the room, pierced the silence and the stream of hurdling thoughts in her mind. Once again she felt her heart race and once again she was smothered by the cold clinch of panic.
“I am so sorry…I could not leave you alone…and because they said you might wake up not remembering, I just had do…had to stay here with you tonight.”
They? Who were they? Did he mean-the doctors?
She could not speak. It was as if she had been struck with the magic wand of a wizard from a fairy tale, however, a twisted one. It felt more like a puzzle, a labyrinth of sensations, images and memories and she was Alice in Wonderland, an odd and scary Wonderland.
“Are you all right?” His voice had changed. She could sense the worry in it and for some unexplainable reason, she liked that.
Suddenly it all started becoming clear.  The beach, the surf board…the storm…the rain, her struggle to emerge from the water, her body getting stiff and completely paralyzed by the strong pushes of the waves and wind,  the sharp pain in her chest…unable to breathe…Then-the warm embrace, wet lips on hers, air…grasping for air! Fuzzy feeling of thousands of lights exploding all around her, splendid colors of blue, green and grey…rainbow of colors, vivid colors, soft colors in her mind.
“I took you home”, he continued as if he had understood she was battling her own memory and needed some more clarity in all this haze of mixed in, lost puzzle pieces.
She finally knew. It was not until she dared to look in his eyes and the journey she had taken years ago…returned to its ever forgotten start point.

Naked Soul

Naked soul, lost in finding the clothing of truth once again…Shall I keep on dreaming? Seeing but never believing, reaching but never touching…

I devoted my lips to silence, the heart to the cold winds of Wuthering Heights, exploded with the morning’s rainbow, kept looking for you in the warmest of all trees…never heard your voice again.

Naked soul lost in finding You.

The Encounter (Part 1)

At 3:13 a.m. her eyes were suddenly wide open…A blue silhouette next to her…Soft, wavy moonlit hair spread on the pillow…Not her pillow. His pillow?!
Where did he come from?
Why could she not remember?
Her mind started floating and she could feel her heart’s rhythm change, second by second…faster and faster. She gazed at the ceiling. Star reflections all over, some had a teal-blue tint and others were hazy yellow…If that crazed heart of hers could beat any faster it would probably escape out of its cage of flesh and travel in a wild frenzy to another planet. Fly away…no, not now…she had to discover, experience and grasp the image, the contours, the fibres of …whatever and whoever he was.
His fingers tangled up in his hair. So he had long hair…Interesting…She could not quite figure out the color, it seemed like sand…beach sand…soft sand. He was lying peacefully, breathing slowly and quietly. It was almost like he was not really there, but she dared to touch a strand of hair falling down his face and gently place it behind his ear. Dark skin, natural or tanned, she was not good at guessing anything at all…but could sense the smell of…yes, it was beach sand. So…she was not dreaming or she could have not possibly almost tasted it…It was like an escape to her family house which was settled in a tiny beach village. She remembered eating the sand on the beach when she was a little girl as she was convinced it was going to turn her into a mermaid. And being a mermaid was her childhood dream. But she is not five-years-old anymore, and this is not the beach where she used to play for hours and hours, enjoying the sunlight and the crashing waves, looking for pirate ships every time a fisherman’s boat floated nearby. After all, the pirates were never that far away, she used to think…they were just hiding…
Could it be that he was one of them?

Thank You!

Thank you to all who have been following and visiting tale of dreams…It has been a while since I have posted something new and I plan to put some more effort in this…However, when I started this blog, my main idea was to simply share my art, photographs, thoughts, and ideas…I have been really busy with designing and creating a line of eco-conscious clothing and accessories. I have also spent some time on new graphic drawings which I will post soon. For all of you out there who have 9 to 5 jobs and families to take care of…you know how hard it is to actually find that cozy nook and dedicate some time to sharing with the world. It is exciting and that is why I decided to do it, it is almost like a diary you expose for everyone to see. I do have one more blog, which is dedicated to my efforts to give back to nature and sort of start my own “green movement”…Feel free to check it out:!

Thanks to all!

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