Versatile Blogger Award

Dear Leo Rex, thank you for your nomination for this award! Very honored!

I nominate the following blogs:





It is just four for now, but I am sure I will find a lot more soon…

Here are 7 things about me:

1) If I could spend the day photographing images of flying birds and trees, I would…

2) Love nature, green is the new black…:)

3) I recently began hand-spinning my own yarns, yes, I am a devoted knitter…

4) Enchanted by alpacas and the softness of their fur, who wouln’t want to own one?

5) I’d like to travel…and create an image through art or photography everywhere I happen to go…

6) I believe in the power of a dream-wishing upon a star is not merely an expression

7) I grew up in a small mountain town in Bulgaria


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